Sermons 2007-

By What Authority? (9/25/11)
Conflicts & Blessings (7/10/11)
Who Tested Whom? (6/26/11)
Trinity Sunday: We Share a Common Life (6/19/11)
Penecost 2011 (6/12/11)
Ascension (6/5/11)
In God We Live & Move & Have Our Being (5/29/11)
The Only Way to God Is God's Way to Us (5/22/11)
Our Baptismal Covenant (5/15/11)
Letting Our Temples Go (Six Years Later) (11/14/10)
A Promising Presence (8/8/10)
What's Wrong with a Little Fun? (8/1/10)
We Just Don't Get It (6/27/10)
Grace Is Unlimited (7/12/09)
Let Us Go Forth (6/20/09)
The Beyond in the Midst of Life (6/7/09)
God So Loves the World (3/22/09)
What Is This (2009) (2/1/09)
God's patience (12/7/08)
Be the Reign of God (11/9/08)
Wedding Homily for Lance Shoemaker and James Williams (10/25/08)
Hear What the Spirit Is Saying to God's People (10/12/08)
A Creator Went Out to Create (7/13/08)
God's Wisdom (7/6/08)
God's Common Life Is Here Already (6/15/08)
Totally Alive, Totally Open (2/24/08)
Sheer Stubbornness (10/21/07)
Abide in Love (9/30/07)
Be Careful What You Ask For (9/9/07)
Talking Back Biblically (7/29/07)
The Faithfulness of Christ (6/17/07)
All about the Lamb, Part II (5/13/07)
All about the Lamb (4/29/07)
This Is Real (4/7/07)
Deciding Just What We Are (4/5/07)
This is Where God Is (4/1/07)
Outrageous Outpouring (3/25/07)
Our Mother Jesus (3/4/07)
Tired of Temptation (2/25/07)
Love Is Not Safe (1/28/07)
Belonging before Belief: The Baptism of Aidan Timothy Squier (1/7/07)

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