Becoming Aware of God

Finding Purpose

Process Thought

Process Thought: A Very Basic Introduction
Why Are Many Process Thinkers Theists?

The New Atheism

The New Atheists
More Than One Way to Look at God
More Than One Way to Look at Faith
More Then One Way to Look at Reason & Science

Introduction to the Bible (Butler University)

Reading a Text for Insight
Reading a Text for Insight: Theoretical Backround (Word Document)
What Is the Bible?
What Does the Bible Say about Itself?
Why Questioning the Bible Makes People Anxious
Approaches to Studying the Christian Bible
A Premodern Example: Augustine of Hippo
Why Critical Questions Are Necessary
Who Wrote the Pentateuch?
In the Beginning (adapted from a James McGrath lecture)
Two Flood Narratives Disentangled (Word Document)
Passages from Genesis
Passages from Exodus
Cartoons about the Ten Commandments
Deuteronomistic History
The Most Troubling Theme in Deuteronomistic History
Davidic Covenant & Genealogy
Introduction to the Prophets (Heschel)
Passages from Amos & Hosea
Second (& Third) Isaiah
Gospels: The Synoptic Problem
The Borg & Mr. (w)Right?
Resurrection Parallels (Word Document)
The Resurrection Accounts
The Death of Judas: Two Contrasting Views
Jesus, Lady Wisdom & God
Birth Narratives (Word Document)
Peter's Confession: Reading a Text for Insight
Paul's Life & Letters
Pauline Themes
First Thessalonians
Philippians: Selected Passages
1 John 4:7-21: Reading a Text for Insight
1 John
The Bible & Same-Sex Marriage
Revelation: All about the Lamb (Word Document)